“I will revenge this world with love”

Audio-visual installation

This project is about love and obstacles in its path. It is based on the tragic story of Sergei Parajanov’s love to Nigyar, his first wife, who became a victim of traditions. Nigyar, a Muslim girl, born in the family of Moldovan Tatars, was killed by her own family soon after the wedding, because of the religious differences. Parajanov was too poor to ‘buy out’ Nigyar’s life. Such ‘honor killings’ are still widespread among many nations today.

Nigyar’s image stayed with Parajanov forever – as his tragedy, pain, inspiration and shadow. In his films, he repeatedly pictured wedding rituals of various ethnicities, as well as obstacles set by traditional families for beloved ones (‘Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors’, ‘Ashik-Kerib’).

Bride’s white dress is the core element of the installation – a symbol of Parajanov’s love to Nigyar, of the first love in general as well as a ritual element of a girl’s initiation – her symbolic ‘death’ as virgin bride and rebirth as wife.

The dress serves as the screen for wedding rituals, love’s romantic and dramatic moments taken from Parajanov’s films. The projection is accompanied by the audio mix made of film music and dialogue pieces.


Volha Salakheyeva (b. 1984 in Gudermes, Chechnya) – video-artist/VJ, curator, media specialist based in Minsk, Belarus.

Pavel Niakhayeu (b.1978 in Orsha, Belarus) – electronic musician, curator, researcher based in Minsk, Belarus. Lecturer at EHU, Vilnius, Lithuania

Since 2011 they work as an audio-visual duo (VJ Solar Olga & Pavel Ambiont) using video, analogue film, computer graphics, analog and digital photography, electronic music, field recordings, poetry / spoken word. They have performed in Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Ukraine.

Volha and Pavel are audio-visual program curators of Artes Liberales festival (Minsk), initiators and curators of Mental Force Festival (Minsk). Creators and tutors of Urban Audio-Visual Rhythms workshop series in Vilnius and Minsk.