Artes Liberales 2015: “Time Code”

The fourth annual ARTES LIBERALES art & education project will be held from March 31 through April 17 at Ў Gallery (Minsk). The Gallery’s space will once again become an open university—available to anyone interested in the program.

ARTES LIBERALES will feature approximately 50 events: exhibitions, lectures, discussions, workshops, presentations, performances, concerts, and film screenings.

ARTES LIBERALES is a festival of ideas and art-projects created by young people studying liberal arts and interpreting their everyday reality through art and media forms.

Time Code is the theme of Artes Liberales 2015.

The notion of Time Code is tightly linked to the history of cinema and other visual media, defining rhythms and regimes of “montage vision” so characteristic of the contemporary human condition. We use this essentially technical term as an all-encompassing philosophical metaphor (as a symbolic “Code of Our Time”) which will allow us to reflect on contemporary human relationships to time.

Artes Liberales 2015 events are divided by topics:

Eastern European Art in Times of Crisis:

Workshop “Curating in Crisis Conditions” and lecture “Art & Nationalism in Eastern Europe” (Edit Andras), discussions on “National Pavilions of Venice Biennale’’ with curators of the Belarusian and Lithuanian pavilions Aleksey Shinkarenko and Vytautas Michalkevičius, “Belarusian Art in Comparative Perspective” lecture by Lena Prents and Aleksei Barysionak, film screening and discussion on the Cultural Worker 3 in 1 with Marta Popivoda, Milijana Istijanovic’s lecture “Temporary Forever” and others.

Soviet Atomic Project: Half-Life Period

Research exhibition “Critical Assemblage: People and Atoms” curated by Galina Orlova and Natallia Nenarokomova and based on the “Obninsk Digital Project”, “Visaginas: Cultures of Disappearance” project presentation (Lithuania), lecture on the “Atom in the USSR: Nuclear Energy in Soviet Mass Culture” by Maksim Zhuk, “Chernobyl Has Never Existed: The Invisible Side of the ‘Peaceful Atom’”, a lecture in the style of “Documentary Theater” based on the experience of staging the play Chernobyl with Aksana Haiko, and others.

Flashback/Flashforward: Media and Time

Discussion on contemporary experimental and no-budget (short) films, Arturas Bukauskas’s workshop “Free Run/Record Run.Timecode”, a presentation of animated films Chopin andStrauss, “Time of Animation” by Irina Kodiukova, lecture-performance “Symposium on Time” by Vytautas Michalkevičius, lecture “Expel the (Zeit)geist! Friedrich Kittler on Media and Time” by Kęstas Kirtiklis, “Visualizing the Knowledge: Infographics for the Media” by Vadim Shmygov, and others.

Gender Age by the Gender Studies Center of EHU

Lecture “Adventurous Babuli: Gender, Age and Cross-Border Mobility” by Olga Sasunkevich, “The Last Mohicanes: Gender, Age and Keeping the Old-Believers’ Identity’” by Uladzislau Ivanou, “For Those Over…Paradoxes of a Woman’s Age” by Anna Shadrina, presentation of the Gender Library in Minsk, and more.

Rhythms of Time and Space

Installation and workshop by architectural community Monogroup, audio-video performance “Choven” and lecture “Ukrainian Electroacoustic Music—sources and formation” by Alla Zagaykevych, lecture “Rhythmanalysis: Mapping and Rhythmic Variety of Spaces” by Benjamin Cope, audio-performance of Volha Hapeyeva & Aortha (Zmicier Ladzies), discussion “Soundscape of the Body”, lecture by Andrey Savitski on “Programming for Musicians and Media-Artists”, Alexei Usinovich’s concert in the Minsk Planetarium, a concert by Kanstantsin Yaskou & Ales Tsurko presenting their interactive album “Zona Opus Posth”, a concert of the Nagual band, and more.

Director: Almira Ousmanova
Curators: Pavel Niakhayeu, Volha Salakheyeva, Galina Orlova, and Natalia Nenarokomova
Coordinator: Kiryl Kalbasnikau

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Partners in 2015:
European Humanities University (Vilnius), Ў GalleryZair Azgur MuseumMinsk Planetarium,CECH Art Center, Center of PhotographyFoundamental Network music community, performative practices platform «ziErnie», Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Belarus.

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