Urban A/V rhythms: group projects

While people inhabiting the city use many languages to understand themselves and their environment, the city itself talks to them in its own language of signs, lights and rhythms. How do we read the city’s messages, how do we feel its rhythms? What tales does the city want to share? The everyday urban polyrhythmia was creatively explored by the means of audio and video art and technology. A group of audio-visual explorers had immersed in the city’s environment  to learn its rhythms and routes, to catch sounds and images that were later used to craft audio-visual works and performances communicating and interpreting everyday realities.

Group tutors: Pavel Niakhayeu, Volha Salakheyeva

BLIND WALKING & VILNIUS SOUNDSCAPE /  Andrey Garan, Robert Rydziewski, Pavel Kirpikov


‘Blind walking’ project is aimed to reflect the experience of being blind in Vilnius urban space. Each of the three group members has taken part in experiment being blind walking in different parts of the city.The blind walks were documented on video and audio.

BLIND WALKING from LitPro on Vimeo.


The aim of Vilnius Soundscape project is to catch the sounds which represent the Vilnius city the most. We were collecting drops, crackle, noise, bangs and etc. which attracted our attention. All the found sounds were mixed into one soundtrack through which one day in Vilnius is narrated. The soundtrack represents Vilnius areas soundscapes (railway station, market, clubs, parks, streets, etc.) and characterizes Vilnius as multicultural city.

VILNIUS 2030 / Jurgen Rendl

A fictional soundscape of a Vilnius district known as ‘Shanghai \ Shanghajus’ future – in 2030 dealing with an issue of world migration and urban transformations. The project uses field recordings and found sounds turned into audio collage – with a live narrator’s interludes setting the context for the work. The author presumes that by 2030 Vilnius soundscape will be enriched by the Asian and Sub-Saharan rhythms and speech.

URBAN REFLECTION / Kristina Demenshina

This short video is an attempt to understand the city from a different point of view – by using reflections it is possible to find new identity and new language of a place you have lived or visited.

URBAN REFLECTION from LitPro on Vimeo.

URBAN RHYTHMS / Andrey Karpeka

Live visual performance using video footage of 2 types – abstract kaleidoscopic textures representing the basic, ‘unconscious’ urban rhythms that serve as backgrounds for video fragments of everyday life of the city dwellers and tourists.

Mirrors from LitPro on Vimeo.

URBAN SURFACES / Maksim Vashkevich

This project discovers alternative representations of Vilnius multi-cultural spatial relationships through its variable surfaces – exploring their changes through different cultural zones and pondering upon how can we investigate identity in these motions. The author explores the borderlines between the ‘new city’ and the other regions  by means of video and mapping in an attempt to reveal cultural differences between the surfaces.

URBAN SURFACES from LitPro on Vimeo.

J. / Madli Maruste

The project is a diary combining photographs taken in a former Jewish ghetto district of Vilnius with an old soviet camera and a poetic text that renders the city atmosphere through the life story of one city inhabitant – a Jewish orthodox professor. The final result is a short video of the diary with the author’s deep and emotional narrative.

J. from LitPro on Vimeo.

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